Mission & Services

Viam Inveniemus Aut Faciemus
“We will either find a way or make one”

Dear friends of Africa,

I welcome you to the PAN African Network (PAN). PAN Africa Network originated from the strong desire to not only tell the story of a new emerging Africa, but also as a way to pursue investment opportunities in Africa. Additionally, PAN Africa Network aims to act as a platform that enables the future leaders of these dynamic markets to work in unity across the Diaspora, towards the development and success of the African economies.


PAN, based in New York City, as a non profit organization provides expert networking options to individuals of varying sectors and skill sets to collaborate so that creative ideas and alternative paths for progress in the African market can be embraced. The PAN African Network is committed to creating tangible opportunities in the African markets; and seeks to serve as an incubator and accelerator to connect project developers, entrepreneurs, investors and experts via a mentorship matchmaking program; with the goal of collective work towards greater development of the African continent.


Consider joining the PAN Expert Network!

Warm Regards, Richard Remy Founder of the PAN African Network African Solution for African Development – The African Diaspora Thought Leadership

About PAN Africa Network

Pan Africa Network (PAN) was established in NYC in 2012. The goal of the PAN Africa Network is to serve as a voice for Pan African Professionals in the USA and beyond. PAN also encourages highly informative and enlightening dialogues, so that investment opportunities can be facilitated. PAN provides a powerful and effective expert network that advocates practical solutions for common issues facing the future Pan African investor as well assists in unlocking the leadership potential that lies within each of Pan African professional.

Pan Africa Network seeks to engage, advocate, promote and support Pan African professionals in their pursuit of entrepreneurial leadership, investment and development of the African market.

We recognize the need to encourage cooperation and closer ties between members of our network.We commit ourselves to serve our members by:
1. Facilitating professional development through the provision of exciting and dynamic investment opportunities in the African emerging market.
2. Gaining exclusive access to business venture raising capital, matching specific investment criteria to members who fit the requirements, and matching the opportunities with member investors.
Richard is originally from Martinique in the West Indies, and works currently for an investment banking firm based in NYC.

He has over 10 years international experience in Finance, Engineering, Project management and Business Development/Sales. Previous experience was working as an investment manager for the Asia Pacific market. Prior to that, he worked in a variety of industries including the Energy (Electricity, Oil and Gas) and Commodities (Sugar) within the emerging markets and frontier markets.

Richard hold a Master’s degree in Engineering from Lyon University in France, a Diploma in Business Management from University of London. He speaks fluent English, French and intermediate Spanish and have worked and lived in France, Norway, the UK, China, the US and Africa.

Outside of work, Richard is passionate about meeting and bringing together people from across the Diaspora. His longstanding interest and passion for African development came after spending some time in Sudan, as well as some involvement with various countries of West Africa, working in business development and project management in the commodity industry.

Richard thrives on helping people and organizations to rise to their full potential. In 2012, he combined his love of networking and commitment to the African and Caribbean development agenda to create PAN Africa Network. This fantastic initiative with quarterly panel events is a global network spanning Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and US, and with its talented membership aims to provide an exclusive platform for organizations and individuals with significant interest in capacity development in Africa and the Caribbean. He is keen to meet others in the Diaspora to establish shared common ground and answer any queries they may have about PAN Africa Network.

How We Get it Right

  • Working with start-ups, as well as more mature companies that are prepared to go public in fulfilling the need for Private Equity and mentorship
  • Supporting the development of incubation and capacity building strategies for entrepreneurs and investors with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Filling the mentorship gap between nurturing the investable of entrepreneurs as it relates to potential investors and providing due-diligence adjusted for the African market to investors willing to navigate it

Our Services

  • Panel Events

  • Membership based network comprised of world-class human resources from the African Diaspora.

  • Independent ad-hoc consulting services in the African space, to PAN clients interested in investing in the African market.

  • Mentorship Matchmaking Program

  • Program which matches investors with experts from the African Diaspora meant to connect expertise of investors interested in entering or expanding into the dynamic African market with experts within the African market

  • 2 month free trial with varying levels of commitment available

  • Expert Network

  • Independent ad-hoc consulting services in the African space, to PAN clients interested in investing in the African market.

  • Independent ad-hoc consulting services in the African space, to PAN clients interested in investing in the African market.

  • Resources available to members may include research based information, market data, projections and budget data and other tools that will equip members with the most relevant and up to date data to make informed decisions

  • Round Table Webinars

  • The objective of the round table is to focus discussions around a specific industry or country so that all participants can enhance their knowledge on the given theme.

  • PAN Africa Network further explores the African markets through round table discussion with Webinar access for participants.

  • PAN’s Round tables are more informal events, occur over the course of the calendar year with a focus on a specific industry trend or country. The format of the PAN round tables will include a working meeting prior to the round table discussion.