• PAN Expert Network will not take part in financial transactions between member to member; organization to member; mentor to mentee or investor to entrepreneur.
  • PAN Expert Network will only authorize and match members after initial screening – in which PAN feels that said member will benefit from participating in the PAN Expert Network portal.
  • PAN Expert Network, to the best of its ability, will connect investors with experts. PAN will not render strategic advisory services in any capacity.
  • Due diligence on member matches, is left to each member own discretion and responsibility. PAN will simply make the connection.
  • PAN encourages members to seek agreement among themselves as to how they will proceed – which may include a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) if desirable.
  • The PAN Expert Network portal will leverage PAN’s existing database of industry experts with client investors to create a platform for the transmission of expertise of investing and developing to professionals interested in entering or expanding into the African market.
  • PAN does not provide investment, financial/budgetary or legal services to members; nor will PAN act as a financial, legal, or investment advisor, or advocate for the purchase or sale of any security or investment, or the use of any particular financial or legal strategy.
  • Members are responsible for their own risk assessment before acting upon any information provided via PAN Expert Network. Before pursuing any legal or financial strategy, or taking any decision,members are strongly encouraged to seek legal and or financial consul.
  • PAN Expert Network takes no responsibility for any single member,piece of content/information or any other object, person or action shared, discussed, copied, disseminated, accessed and/or made available via the PAN Expert Network Portal.