PAN Expert Network




Through an initial 2 months free trial, PAN will match experienced investors with prospective entrepreneurs; providing access to a range of ventures which are fundraising to select from, and assistance to monitor the progress of these ventures.



Members will be able to review the terms of each venture, access private documents, co-invest with others or lead their own ventures. Members can network with fellow investors, entrepreneurs and experts respectively and engage with questions, concerns, and comments.



Every member has the ability to submit a request for mentorship, as a mentor or mentee. PAN Expert Network will do an initial screening on the profiles submitted and publish it on PAN Expert Network portal dashboard, which is only accessible via a secure log in.

  • Member Access

    Have access to the PAN dashboard of vetted profiles (mentors/mentees) and venture profiles.

  • Member Research

    Research and conduct due diligence on diverse regions of expertise within the African continent. This information can be available per industry of expertise.

  • Member Alerts

    Receive alerts as opportunities arise which match specific investment needs – available on any device.

  • Member Advantage

    Identifying business potentials and tracking their progress overtime. Quarterly panel series events and networking with access at a reduced cost.

  • Member Exchange

    The ability to exchange venture private documents along with the detailed terms of each opportunity.

  • Member Jobs

    Access to employment postings as well as other opportunities such as internships, volunteerism, fellowships that may arise on the dashboard.

What PAN will do

  • Identify business potentials
  • Track venture progress overtime
  • New capital raising rounds and joint ventures across the African continent


 PAN will provide personal introduction between members and lead teams.

Link Members

PAN will link members to fellow investors or experts in the field; depending on the need.


It’s up to either the mentors or the mentees to step forward and to see what can be done to support each other, via whichever channel is most suitable.

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