The Opportunities and Challenges of Doing Business in the African Frontier Markets

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Morgan Stanley NYC  – Second Panel Event Series

Frontier Markets Investing Forum

The opportunities and challenges of doing business in the African Frontier Markets

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Magatte Diop, Founder and Managing Director of Peacock Investment, Senegal

 “Empowering Africa through the Diaspora” 

 Panel Discussion:

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Event Details

Date September 25, 2013 Categories Location Morgan Stanley

Additional Details

Morgan Stanley NYC  – Second Panel Event Series

Frontier Markets Investing Forum

The opportunities and challenges of doing business in the African Frontier Markets

Location: Morgan Stanley

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Magatte Diop, Founder and Managing Director of Peacock Investment, Senegal

 “Empowering Africa through the Diaspora” 

 Panel Discussion:

Theme: “Getting started in Africa”

 The objective was to provide those setting up or expanding operations in the African frontier market, with practical business education to break down the fear factors, advise on access to capital and how to get business support through the following take-outs of the panel:

  • Growth & Opportunities i.e. different strategies for growing a successful business, with highly impactful growth plan and implementation of the plan in the African market.
  • Strategic growth through operations i.e. work flows and logistics, how to bridge the gap between where is a business and where the business wants to be.
  • Secure funding in Africa.
  • Bridge project developers and investors in this market.
  • Structuring deals for capital flow between project developers and investors.
  • Regulatory barrier or other external factors beyond the control of a project in Africa.
  • Risks mitigation i.e. investment vehicle able to mitigate risks in the African frontier market.

Dawn Hynes, Managing Partner, Aventura Investment Partners, Senegal

David J. Plate, Managing Partner, CEO, AGlobal Partners LLC, US

Ibrah Bukenya, Regional Manager SITI, East Africa Stock Exchanges, Uganda

Dr D N Okechukwu, Founder and CEO, Delight Hospital Nigeria, Onyx Medical and Vicdav Nigeria, Nigeria


Todd Peterson, Emerging markets practice, US


Speaker Profiles:

Mr. Magatte Diop is the Founder and Managing Director of Peacock Investments, is an accomplished banker and a confirmed entrepreneur with more than 25 years expérience in international finance and management.

Mr. Magatte Diop has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Stern Business School at New-York University. Mr. Magatte Diop is the founder of ILICO-SAGEF Group, composed of a Life Insurance Company and a Real Estate Development Company. He has served as Chairman of the Group since 2003 after holding the position of CEO from 1997 to 2003. Between 1993 and 1997, Mr. Magatte Diop was the Managing Director of M.R.Beal International which he founded after he had left CitiCorp and and managed it with success.

Prior to this, between 1990 and 1993, Mr. Magatte Diop was the Vice President and Regional Director of Citibank/CitiCorp for West and Central Africa. Mr. Magatte Diop supervised the bank’s relationships with more than 200 financial institutions including Central Banks, Development Banks, Commercial Banks, and Government agencies in the African region.

He is decorated with the medal of merit by the Republic of Senegal. Mr. Magatte Diop is the President of the African Chamber of Commerce in New York and is very active in a number of initiatives aimed at promoting commerce and investments between the United States and Africa. He recently founded a think tank called CERSSEM (Center for Strategic Studies for the Emergence of Senegal) to participate in the formulation of new economic policies for the development of Senegal.

David Plate is Managing Partner and CEO of AGlobal Partners LLC, an investment management and advisory firm that provides new sources of investment capital for infrastructure, social performance programs, and other investments in new and emerging markets. AGlobal develops projects and programs that promise significant benefits to the economic development of the host country, result in social-good outcomes, and can create positive social and environmental impact throughout the developing world. David is responsible for risk management and investment strategy at AGlobal. He brings over 25 years of risk, insurance and reinsurance underwriting, and international project finance experience to the firm.

David has spent most of his career with American International Group Inc. He served as Vice President of Financial Services for AIG’s European office in Paris and AIG’s Southeast Asian office in Hong Kong, where he spearheaded risk finance and risk mitigation initiatives while creating and managing the Project Finance and Captives units for Asia. Additionally, he served as the Director for the Southeast Asian office of HSBC where he created, developed and implemented the innovative Financial Services Market division, a consulting services group for institutional captive creation and project finance management.

David holds a Ph.D. in Risk Management and a M.S. in International Finance from the University of California, San Diego. He also speaks fluent Cantonese, with strong French, Spanish, Mandarin, Thai, and Bahasa skills. He possesses a thorough understanding of the nuances of many professional and interpersonal cultures, customs and formalities.

Dawn Hines is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Aventura Investment Partners, an impact investor targeting the agricultural value chain in West Africa.

Prior to launching Aventura, Dawn worked for seven years in the venture capital industry. She was an Investment Manager with Fortis Group in the Netherlands and went on to found a venture consulting practice, working with early-stage companies in Europe, the U.S. and Africa.

Since 2000, she has been involved in various roles in technology and industrial companies, including fund-raising, international expansion and turn-arounds.

Dawn began her career in the Investment Banking Group of PaineWebber (now UBS) in New York. Following MBA studies, she joined Reuters in Geneva, where she launched the first financial information text messaging service in Europe.

Dawn completed an MBA at the Wharton School and holds a BA in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania. Languages spoken include: English, French, Spanish, Dutch and German. She sits on the boards of four privately held companies in Senegal and the USA.

Ibrah Bukenya is a Capital Markets consultant with over ten-years of international business experience working in the financial and capital markets industry in the USA, Europe and East Africa.

Until recently, Ibrah worked as the SITI East Africa regional manager at the East Africa Stock Exchanges Association. He was mandated to develop SITI East Africa into the East African region’s premier financial and capital markets capacity building institution. He was also the coordinator for the Alternative Market Segment (AIMs) at the Uganda Securities Exchange tasked with helping Small and Medium Enterprise appreciate raising capital via the Uganda Stock Exchange.

Prior to moving to Africa, he spent five years with Morgan Stanley investment bank both in New York and London managing operational risk on the Investment Grade, Emerging Market and European Commercial Paper bonds desks. Before moving to London, Ibrah was in the Morgan Stanley Analyst Training Program as a trading assistant on the New York corporate trading desk. He started at Morgan Stanley as an intern in the infrastructure service department of the bank.

He previously worked with a couple of Wall Street firms including the American Stock Exchange, Merrill Lynch and the New York Stock Exchange.  He has also worked with the Office of US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton where he worked as a constituent liaison between the senate office and various US federal government agencies. He represented New York State at the Next generation Democratic Youth Summit held in Washington D.C on invitation from Senator Nancy Pelosi and Senator Hillary Clinton.

His expertise lies in Operational Risk in financial and capital markets, Control and Risk Mitigation, Project Management, Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Literacy among other things.  Board memberships include UG- Diaspora UK, Investors Club Uganda, Financial Literacy Week Limited, and board of trustees LIFT Uganda (Local Investment for Transformation).  He was awarded the Ugandan North American Association award for Corporate Leadership.

Ibrah’s passion lies in fostering the African diaspora’s engagement with Africa in resource allocation and capacity building. He is Honorary Chairman & Founder of UG Diaspora UK, and organization started in 2008 in London to encourage Ugandan professionals to relocate back to East Africa.  To date, many members including Ibrah have moved back to Uganda and are participating in various successful enterprises. He frequently speaks on African development and is a business commentator on Radio and Television in East Africa.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Computer Information Science and International Business from the Zicklin School of Business Baruch College, City University of New York. He is currently pursuing a graduate program in management focusing of Energy at Harvard University.

Dr. D.N. Okechukwu graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University with a degree in medicine and Surgery. He subsequently obtained an MBA degree from Business School Netherland.

He is a business entrepreneur, public speaker, medical practitioner and writer. He is the chairman and founder of Delight Hospital Nigeria Limited and Onyx Medical and Ultra Diagnostic Limited. He is also the chairman/CEO of Vicdav Nigeria Limited.

Delight Hospital is a Secondary Care Hospital while Onyx Medical and Ultra Diagnostic offer a whole range of medical laboratory and Radio-Imaging Diagnostic services. Vicdav Nigeria limited is into Oil and Gas Services, Civil Construction and Consultancy Services.

Dr Okechukwu is a member of the professional bodies below

  • Nigeria Medical Association
  • Guild of Medical Directors
  • American Institute of Ultra sound in Medicine.
  • International Society for Quality in Health-Care.
  • The Nigeria Economic Summit Group.

He is also a member of the following corporate bodies through corporate member of his company Vicdav Nigeria Limited.

  • Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE)
  • Abuja Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines And Agriculture (ABUCCIMA)
  • Real Estate Developers Association Nigeria (REDAN)
  • Networking with United States of America (NUSA)

Dr Okechukwu has had over 12 years of Entrepreneurship experience, the bulk of which were spent in active medical management field.

He is currently the chairmen and Chief Executive Officer of Vicdav Nigeria Limited.

He attended several business courses and conferences.

Todd Peterson is a solo practioner, focusing almost exclusively on work for developers in emerging and frontier markets.  He is currently working on projects in Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania, as well as others in China, Jamaica, Malaysia, Pakistan and Peru.

In Africa, over the past 20 years, Todd’s work has included private equity fund transactions in Cameroun, Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, Tunisia and South Africa; infrastructure projects in Angola, Benin, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal and The Gambia; establishing private equity funds in Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa; and other private legal matters in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and Namibia.

Todd is listed in the Legal Media Group Guides to both The World’s Leading Private Equity Lawyers and The World’s Leading Mergers and Acquisition Lawyers.  He has spoken on African legal issues at the American Bar Association, the Nigerian Bar Association, The Kuramo Conference and other events.  He has been a sponsor at Wharton’s annual African Business Conference, as well as at Africare.

Prior to going on his own, Todd gained his training at a handful of international law firms, including as a partner at Salans and Nixon Peabody and as counsel at White & Case (primarily in Poland, working from Estonia to Bulgaria and east to Uzbekistan). His academic training includes a J.D. from Columbia University and an M.Phil. from the University of Oxford.

Richard Remy, originally from Martinique in the West Indies, works currently for an investment banking firm based in NYC.

He has over 8 years international experience in Finance, Engineering, Project management and Business Development/Sales. His previous experience was working as an investment manager for the Asia Pacific market. Prior to that, Richard worked in a variety of industries including the Energy (Electricity, Oil and Gas) and Commodities (Sugar) within the emerging markets and frontier markets.

Richard holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from Lyon University in France, a Diploma in Business Management from University of London. He speaks fluent English, French and intermediate Spanish and has worked and lived in France, Norway, the UK, China and the US.

Outside of work, Richard is a passionate about meeting and bringing together people from across the Diaspora. His longstanding interest and passion for African development came after spending some time in Sudan, as well as some involvement with various countries of West Africa, working in business development and project management in the commodity industry.

He thrives on helping people and organizations to rise to their full potential. In 2012, Richard combined his love of networking and commitment to the African and Caribbean development agenda to create PAN Africa Network. Hopefully this fantastic initiative with quarterly panel events will be a global network spanning Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and US, and with its talented membership aims to provide an exclusive platform for organizations and individuals with significant interest in capacity development in Africa and the Caribbean. Richard is keen to meet others in the Diaspora to establish shared common ground and answer any queries they may have about PAN Africa Network.

About PAN Africa Network:

Pan Africa Network (PAN) is an inclusive, independent and non-profit organization based in New York that provides a networking platform for African, Caribbean and African-American professionals, while also providing a forum to:

  • Discuss Africa and the Caribbean’s place in the new global economy
  • Identify tangible market opportunities in these regions
  • Participate meaningfully in the Africa and Caribbean growth story

PAN’s panel events, which focus on frontier markets investing, attract a cross section of experienced and up-and-coming professionals from around the world.

Although PAN Africa Network seeks to encourage greater cooperation and corporate networking between professionals from the African Diaspora, the organization provides an inclusive and open platform for professionals of all backgrounds with a strong interest and focus on African frontier markets investing.