Privacy Policy

PAN Expert Network’s, fundamental philosophy is members first – and within this realm PAN places a high value on the need to maintain member’s privacy and security at all times.


PAN, adheres to the following principles to protect your privacy:


  1. Protecting your personal as well as financial information by not providing any details to third party entities.
  2. Implementing security safeguards through the PAN site designed to protect your information in accordance with industry standards.


Profile Information

After creating an account, members may choose to provide additional information onto their profiles. This information can include, comments about yourself, areas of expertise and interest and geographic location. Providing additional information enhancing the member’s ability to find the right match, network with other members with similar objectives/interests, access to greater opportunities and information as well helping others members and business opportunities find you.


Customer Service

When members contact the help center, PAN uses this information to track areas of support often requested and further potential issues that may arise. In this way, PAN can customize support services to better serve and respond to the needs of its members. PAN will not use this information for marketing purposes.



There are many ways to search once logged into the Expert portal. Members can search for by member profile, information about ventures, organization name, interests and/or areas of expertise. The information provided via the search results is derived from member profiles, content within groups, and venture profile. PAN is looking to consistently refine its search services, and where applicable changes and upgrades may be necessary to ensure accuracy with search results.


Ventures and Forums

Members who elect to participate and collaborate in the various groups within the Expert portal, can share content using their profile. Members should be mindful that any information disclosed using these services can be read, collected, and used by other members accessing and participating in these forums, which may include third party entities such as advertisers who are also members of PAN. PAN takes no responsibility for information, which members elect to submit within these forums. A member’s contributions are typically searchable on the PAN Expert Portal by other members and in some cases content within the group forums may be viewable to the public and searchable on the Internet. Postings to group forums may be removed at any time. Beware, however, that once postings are made, it leaves the window open for others to copy, save and potential share the information posted.

Rights to access, correct, or delete your Information, and closing your account.


Registered members have the right to:


  1. Access, modify, correct, or delete personal information posted onto the PAN Expert Network portal as it relates to their personal profile,
  2. Change or remove content they’ve posted either within forums or across the portal, and
  3. Close their account.

Members, who elect to close their accounts, will have their profiles and subsequent information deleted and removed from the PAN Expert Network portal. Information shared with individuals across the portal (for example, through emails, network updates, content sharing or groups) or that has been retain through copying of content may also remain visible after an account has been closed and deleted.
Content from group forums, associated with closed accounts, will display as coming from an unknown user.
In addition, members who close their accounts will not be able to access, correct, or eliminate any information that may have been copied/exported by other members out of the PAN Expert Network Portal – as it is no longer under the control of PAN.
Public profiles may continue to be displayed in search engine results until the search engine refreshes its cache.



PAN has implemented security safeguards designed to protect the personal information that members provide in accordance with industry standards. Member’s data/personal information is password-protected and unavailable to third party entities. Financial data provided to PAN such as credit or debit card information is protected by SSL encryption when financial transactions occur between members web browser and PAN services.
Although PAN has taken significant measures to ensure the security of member’s information, PAN recognizes that the internet is not a 100% secure environment.
It is the responsibility of each member to protect the security of your login information, which includes choosing a strong password with a mix of letters and numbers.